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«Le armonie del disordine traces the intellectual itinerary of the distinguished mathematician, Norbert Wiener, one of the fathers of – among other things – what is today known as computer science. He was one of the first and most profound interpreters of the information society, a scholar who, as far back as the 1950's, was involved in such concepts as teleworking, limits to growth, and automatic factories without workers. Compared with other works on Wiener, this book stands out for its in depth research into his training among the major Anglo–American philosophers of the beginning of the Twentieth century. Leone Montagnini, M.A. in Philosophy and M.A. in Sociology, brings an extensive scientific background to bear on the influence of Wiener's philosophy on his later work as a mathematician, his reflections on the science and technology of the Thirties as well as on his research during the war years is shown, casting new light to his later books, from Cybernetics to God & Golem, inc.» [Giovanni Tovt]

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